Storage of goods and third-party shipments: LIFE follows Amazon footsteps

E-commerce in outsourcing? You can!

Stoccaggio e Spedizione Merci Conto Terzi a Padova

In the new era of world globalization, the company has a high flow of goods, thanks to the classic method of ordering from third parties, as well as to the new market of e-commerce that greatly enlarges the product sector to which we can draw. The high number of requests that differ in terms of logistics addressing more to the final customer than not to commercial stores for the actual sale often create problems in the management of unloading/loading of products in shipment especially in the online sector.

Hence the strong and often unavoidable need to rely on warehouses specialized in the storage of non-perishable goods and their shipment through a solid picking system that leaves nothing to chance. The main advantage that is deduced from this logistic solution is the warehouse space that comes reduced for the company that entrusts the storage of the own production in outsourcing. In terms of turnover therefore we can expand the storage of goods outside our company, saving in logistics and maintenance of human resources, with an additional advantage: in addition to the storage of goods we can also use the service, It is now essential, above all, for companies that sell their products via e-commerce, to dispatch the goods thanks to a solid and capable picking service.

In addition to all this it is necessary to evaluate the geolocation of the goods to be shipped in order to minimize the shipping costs on the seller side. To such purpose our warehouses of storage goods are found in strategic position regarding articulations of handling national goods: Padua.

Amazon: a winning example

Stoccaggio Picking Spedizione Merci Conto Terzi

Taking into consideration one of the world’s largest sellers in outsourcing what’s Amazon, you immediately realize how the management of our merchandise for sale is handled through storage, picking and shipping directly from third parties can obtain an advantage in terms of savings for the company that, by selling, benefits from the service.

The numbers that Amazon develops are impressive and satisfy both the seller and the buyer by providing the right mix of flexibility and affordable. Thanks to the Amazon mechanism in fact it is possible to manage the goods at a lower cost saving in the company’s internal logistics and providing a faster and more competitive service: If we had to translate this assertion into figures it is simple to state that eliminating a percentage in the internal management of the contracts it is possible to go out with a product to less cost but that it produces the same net gain for the same company.

LIFE and the idea of a freight storage and shipping service

In this regard LIFE Cooperative Society has assessed the intention to enter the field of storage of goods and third parties and shipment of the same by picking and I’did!

Providing a storage space for goods and shipping at certain costs provides companies that need more storage space or a quick and convenient junction for the shipment of the same, a serious and professional service.
Thanks to the thirty-year experience in the management of warehouses, therefore loading/unloading goods and picking, LIFE provides a service that can be modulated according to the requests of the customer evaluating costs and feasibility time by time.

Aware that the innovation passes from great ideas, LIFE, has succeeded in creating an internal logistic system that saves money and time to the customer dealing both with the storage of goods and picking, therefore of the packing of goods, to end up in the shipment of the same using extremely qualified personnel.

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